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Monkland Village Productions is one of Montreal’s leading full-scale event services. We have a passion for providing unique experiences, talents and production at a quality value for YOUR vision. Specializing in both public and private events, we are devoted to bringing a fresh and genuine approach to events of all kinds. Whether you are looking for partial event assistance or full-scale production services, MVP has something to offer you.

Responsible for two of Canada’s largest Food & Music Festivals annually; The Monkland Grand Prix and The FLavours of Monkland, we draw over 400,000 people to the NDG community to share in the arts, cuisine, community action that makes Montreal a world leader.

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In early 2004, Danny Roseman (owner of Boutique Ciel Bleu on Monkland Avenue) teamed up with other key merchants in the charming Monkland Village to put on a street fair. With music, games, and delicious food, Monkland Avenue became an annual block-party for residents of several Montreal boroughs. As President of the Monkland Merchants Association, Danny continued to run the street festival in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 before taking a sabbatical from the job.

In 2013, Danny decided to pair up with Phil Leithead (DJ, event planner, and owner of Tux Productions) in order to revive the Monkland Street Festivals. Danny’s festival knowledge paired with Phil’s event management expertise resulted in the 2013 Monkland Street Festival becoming one of hottest events in Montreal. The Monkland Street Festival (“Flavours of the Monkland Village”) was larger than it ever had been, with over 100,000 people in attendance in August 2013.

The overwhelming success of the 2013 festival led to a large influx of requests from clients in Montreal and Toronto asking the festival team for event planning advice, sponsorship guidance, and production services. Thus, MVP was born: a production company formed in the Monkland Village with the ability to produce events all over Montreal.

In 2014, MVP produced two festivals on Monkland Avenue: The Monkland Village Grand Prix Festival and The Flavours of the Monkland Village Festival. Each festival has been more successful than the last, with over 150,000 people attending each event. The festivals have become known as a time for Montreal communities to get together through the common love of music, gourmet food, local culture, arts and more. Though the Monkland Festivals are our chief events, MVP has produced a variety of events ranging from the CIBC 401 Bike Challenge, to the Westmount street festival, the Open Air Pub Concert at McGill University to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Annual Splash & Dash.

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Team – Who are we?

Danny Roseman



With over ten years of experience running the Monkland Street Festivals and other events, Danny Roseman knows production and organization. He is also the President of the Monkland Merchant Association and the owner of Boutique Ciel Bleu on Monkland.


Phil Leithead
Phil Head Shot Black Shirt
Vice President

Vice-President of MVP and CEO of Tux Productions, Phil Leithead has been in the event business for ten years. He is an experienced event director, planner, MC, DJ, entertainer, and more.

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